Wuhan Hanye chemicals New Material Co., Ltd., as a production base and research center of the Chuanxi Chemicals Company, is a fine chemicals enterprise that produces phosphates, fluoride and chemicals new material series, locating in the Panlong Economical developing Zone, Wuhan , where is famous for the transportation connecting with 9 provinces nearby. Leaded by the science and technology and supported by powerful research centers, such as Wuhan University, Hubei Chemical Research Institute and so on, our company could transform the scientific and technological achievements into productivity in a short time. With excellent equipments, matured technology, we could guarantee the quality of our products.
    Our products, high-pured phosphates and its salts, are widely used in the coating, pharmaceuticals, high-effectiveness fertilizer, chemical plating industries. 70% of them are sold to Germany, Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, etc. Aluminum dihydrogen phosphate, produced for the Silicon steel for large-scale companies, such as Wuhan Steel Company, Baoshan Steel Company and so on, is a National science and technological project, has contributed to the development of silicon steel of our country. In the field of fluoride chemicals, our products, high-pured fluorine, sulfur hexafluoride, fluorine-containing surfactant, trifluoroacetic acid, etc, have taken advantage in technology and scale. Fluoroboric acid and its salts, as traditional products of our company, still take advantages in the market.
    Our company possesses solid R&D faculty. The center laboratory could take up the independent proposed test from small scale to medium scale, as well as industrialization test for cooperated institutes. Our quality inspection center provides warranty for the products and sales of our company and Chuanxi. The Quality Assured Systems has been certified with standard of ISO9000 and completed a comprehensive quality management from the purchasing of raw material to the full process of production. We have all kinds of engineers and technicians, among them 10 are engineers and high-grade engineers. 60% of our staff are technicians.
    Panlong Town, which has 3500 years of history, is the source of Wuhan. Rooted in this historical land, Hanye Chemicals provide customers with top-quality goods, building up a platform for all staff’s future development; it sure could come up with brilliant flowers and fruits.
    Supported by its most advanced technology, Hanye chemicals supply all customers with superior products, meanwhile selling advantaged products. It will serve customers with most sincere heartiness.